Cross training
Yoga / Mobility / Fitness

The Approach

If you’re curious about how to train your body for your specific goals cross training is a great place to start. By training outside of time spent in the water, we can focus on weaknesses or imbalances in the body which can cause pain or decreased functionality. Our training sessions are adapted to your goals and any current concerns. Together, in a controlled environment, we can work towards increasing joint mobility, gaining better coordination and balance, building strength, or generally maintaining an already existing level of fitness, performance, and pain free movement.

I formulate my training based on what I learned throughout my 15 year career as a professional ballet dancer. I take methods I’ve learned from my coach who established the SUJO method® in San Diego California. I also use methods deriving from physical therapy for injury prevention and rehabilitation, training I used for safely increasing flexibility, yoga training, and training I used for my other physical hobbies. Having a wide range of interests in sports forced me to train smarter so that I could thrive and have a full career in prestigious ballet companies (Royal Swedish Ballet, Ballets de Monte-Carlo...) while also enjoying other parts of life.