Self Rescue
Deep water pack down

The Approach

Many kiters tend to overlook or forget safety procedures, especially after a prolonged period without practice. Our specialized safety course ensures kiters stay current with the latest safety protocols. We provide comprehensive on-land demonstrations followed by in-water exercises, including simulated emergency situations, all under the guidance of a vigilant instructor and a safety boat.

Additionally, we're here to address any questions you may have and assist you in handling any emergency situations you might have faced without knowing the appropriate response.


1 private guest

150€ - 2h

2 private guests

200€ - 2h


equipement not inlcuded

What makes us unique.

20 years of teaching

Magma, a trailblazer in kitesurfing education, has always been recognized for its innovative teaching practices. Recently, it strives for even higher standards, offering a premium experience that addresses safety, guidance, and overcrowding concerns, setting it apart from traditional kite schools.

Tailored Instruction

In a private setting, the kitesurf instructor can focus solely on you, customizing the lesson to match your skill level, learning style, and progress. This personalized attention allows for faster and more effective skill development.

Optimal Conditions

Boat assistance ensures that you're always in the best location for learning. The instructor can adjust the distance and position relative to the wind and water conditions, optimizing your kitesurfing experience and safety.

Continuous Feedback

With one-on-one attention, instructors can provide immediate, detailed feedback on your technique.The use of radio-helmets drastically accelerate your learning curve.

Safety Assurance

Being on a boat means you're constantly under the watchful eye of your instructor, enhancing safety. They can quickly intervene in case of any potential risks or issues, ensuring a secure learning environment.

Efficient Use of Time

Boat assistance eliminates the need for walking back and forth on the beach. This means more time is spent actively learning and practicing, maximizing the value of each session.

Exploration Opportunities

Boat-assisted lessons open up the possibility of exploring different areas, finding the best kitesurf spots, and avoiding crowded areas, enhancing the overall experience.

Reduced Frustration

The controlled environment and focused attention minimize frustration levels. You'll progress faster and with less frustration compared to group settings or independent learning.


We'll always be behind the lens capturing every move. Crafting memories and utilizing videos as both souvenirs and valuable tools for learning and feedback.