The future of watersports!

Foiling is becoming more and more popular thanks to the progress in gear accessibility and also due to more professional instructions. We have been teaching kite foil and surf foil for a few years now and this year we are adding wing foil too! Fuerteventura offers year round conditions for all the foil sports!

Learn the basics

If you wish to learn as fast and as safe as possible we recommend to book this introduction foil course. You will be briefed on equipment, safety and will get some practice runs towed by a boat or jetski, allowing you to fully concentrate on the foil only. The process will greatly increase your learning curve.

This course is recommended before attempting to go kite foiling, surf foiling or wing foiling.

Duration: 1h

Age: Over 12 years-old

Min. level: none

Price: 130€

discount: -5% for internet booking

-5% for 2 people or more

Kite Foiling course

If you have a good kitesurfing level and want to get into kite foiling, we take you out on the boat and teach you in open-water. It makes it easier for the first rides not to have to worry about entering and exiting the water as well as drifting downwind. The boat will be there to take you back upwind if needed.

This course is being taught with the assistance of radio-helmets and boat support. Foil equipment included.

Duration: 2h

Age: Over 14 years-old

Min. level: Consistent upwind riding

Price: 250€

discount: -5% for internet booking

-5% for 2 people or more

Tow-in Surf foiling

You can already waterstart behind a boat or a jetski and you want to take your first wave foiling? We will tow you in waves matching your foiling skills. This is the best way to get 2 minute long waves!

This course will have a tow-in safety briefing, including all the different tow-in procedures. Equipment included.

Duration: 2h

Age: Over 14 years-old

Min. level: competent foiling waterstart

Price: 250€

discount: -5% for internet booking

wing foiling COURSE

The latest of the foil sport!

No more frustration during those windy days! Wing foiling brings a new approach to riding your foil. From the lightest breeze to the stronger winds, wing foiling offers a safe way to sail around lakes, ponds, rivers, seas or oceans!

The Basic course is composed of 2 sessions of 2h in the lagoon to first learn how to handle the wing on big SUP boards, and then move onto foil control with speciafic beginner foils, adapted for you to progress safely and quicky.

The Full course is the Basic course + 3 extras sessions in the lagoon to fast track your learning experience and provide you with all the skills and knowledge to go and practice on your own.

Duration: BASIC: 4H (2 DAYS) / FULL: 10H (5 DAYS) / PRIVATE: 2H

Age: Over 12 years-old

Min. level: none

Price: BASIC: 220€ / FULL: 485€ / PRIVATE: 190€

discount: -5% for internet booking

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How to get here?
Fuerteventura is serviced by most of the Spanish companies like Iberia, Spanair, Binter Canarias… Some low-cost companies like Ryanair or Easyjet or Vueling also fly here. Sometimes, flying to Lanzarote can be a good option. It’s only 20min of ferry away! From France there are now Jetair and Volotea flying from the main cities.
What about the weather?
Fuerteventura enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine a year! The temperature is pleasant all year round. In winter most of the locals ride in shorties or with a spring suit, and during the summer, a rashie is more than enough! During the summer months, the Trade Winds blow every day, offering a constant North-East 15-2O knots breeze and flat water all around the island. From October to March, the wind is a bit lighter but the swell can get big… The perfect time for the wave riders! To check the wind stats and more, visit Windguru.
Where to stay?
The best thing to do to avoid the tourist crowds but still stay pretty close to the spots, is to stay either in Lajares, Villaverde or Cotillo. We offer a wide range of accommodations to suit all kind a people. If you’re a group of friends, a family with kids or just a couple, we surely have what you’re looking for! Check the accommodation section for more details or send us an email.
Should I rent a car?
Yes, you should definitely rent a car if you want to appreciate the island fully. Although the bus network is pretty developed, they don’t allow any surfing equipment onboard. A day car rental is around 10 Eur. Check Pluscar or Rentalcars, most of the time they offer the best rates! And make sure you book soon enough to have the car you want when you get here.
Any other sports I can practice on the island?
The Island is famous for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing, but you can practice foiling, diving, freediving, snorkeling, mountain biking, quad, buggy, golf, yoga...
Any good restaurants around?
You can find us pretty much every evening at the bar / pizzeria, "La Cancela" in front of the Magma shop. They offer some tapas and probably the best pizzas on the island!!!
You can also find a lot of typical Spanish and Canarian restaurants around the area: from fresh fish to some home-made “tapas”: “Olivo Corso” (tapas), “El Horno” (meat), “El Mahoh” (canarians specialties), “La Marisma” (fresh fish), "Marea alta" (spanish cuisine), "Vaca Azul" (fres fish) are the ones not to be missed!!!
We can also organise some home catering for you. A professional cook will come to your house and cook for you!
Any nightlife?
In Lajares you’ll find several bars to have a cold beer after a long day on the water! The biggest and well-know bars “El Return” or "Canela Cafe", are often animated by some live bands or DJs. (wednesdays are particularly animated in Lajares) They will welcome you in a very pleasant chilled-out atmosphere, displaying surf or kite movies. Then, if you’re looking for a club type of night, only 10min away: Corralejo, the main tourist place, offers everything to suit all tastes!!!
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