Learn faster, learn safer.

How to improve the students learning experience? How to make the learning process even safer and faster? Always the same two questions and this time we came up with a pretty good answer.

After a year of refinement, the kitesurf simulator is now part of every beginner course. This simulator is the fruit of some researsh and is totally different from a classic "wakeboard" simulator. We use a pole sticking out perpenducular to the boat, from which hangs a normal kitesurf control bar. You will be hooked in the harness and the power of the boat will be direclty transmitted to from from the hook, not from your arms.

First it has been great at helping student understand the balance and body positionning prior the actually waterstart. Just putting the board on and manage to keep a proper position can sometimes be challenging. With the simulator and the instructor right by your side, you can focus first on the board, without having to worry abou the kite.

Once you have this position mastered, come the time for the instructor to increase the boat speed. You will feel the power in the harness, very similar to the power you will experience from the kite later on, and you will try to stand up properly, without arms strengh or without pulling on the bar. After a few succefull tries you will then be ready to try the same things this time with the kite in your hands and you will see how much those 10min of simulator make a huge difference.

All has been tested and adapted so it is safe to use. You cannot hit the boat nor the bar.