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Magma WING Foiling
4 january 2020
News toys arrived for xmas... Anyone interested to try them out?
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He's back
20 July 2019
Red FPV is back and this time we took it to the water, foiling and towing
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Magma & FPV drone
2 May 2019
When the team is a rush to get to the beach.
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Foiling fever
1 february 2018
Découvrez les sensations du foil en surf, kite ou SUP.
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Magma trip Report
6 january 2018
Great trip in Cabo Verde last month with the amazing Cortada Team!
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Kitesurf is getting easier!
10 april 2017
It has been a long process but the kitesurf simulator is ready!
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Un peu de kite foil!
3 june 2016
C'est la mode, les sensations sont tops, nous aussi on adore!
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The 11th season is ON!
2 april 2016
Here we go! More than ready to offer you the best of kitesurfing education!
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De 0 à héro!
9 march 2016
Un petit apercu de ce à quoi on peut s'attendre après 5 jours de stage.
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The wind of change
10 march 2015
We are opening the season with some new surprises...
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