Opening of the seaon

A lot of surprises for 2015...

Boat testing this winter.

The wind of changes has come...

How to improve the students learning experience? How to make the learning process even safer and faster? Always keeping those two questions in mind, the Magma team has this year came up with unique solutions.

Already on the forefront of kitesurf teaching innovation that makes us unique in the north of Fuerteventura (radio-helmets, leashless boards with Gojoes, seniors instructors, high-end customer service...), we added a couple of world's exculsivities:

First with the use a a brand new boat and concept. After a lot of researsh, brainstorming and testing, we have finaly found the best teaching tool available on the market today. It is composed of a rigid hull with inflatable sponsons (like a normal Zodiac type boat) but instead of having an outboard engine, a jetski will slide at the back of the hull and be used as propultion. Without gettting too much into details, this system allows us to be much more flexible wa to keep the boat as a teaching platform and just use the jetski for safety and group control. If the group is above 4 students, a second jetski will also be in use.

A second and unique feature we┬┤ll be using this season is a kitesurf waterstart simulator. The boat will be fitted with some special equipement. It will allow the students to train safely to waterstart and get use to the riding balance, all that without the worry of the kite. By breaking down the differents steps of the learning process we have managed the speed up the learning curve of the students.